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July 01, 2015

Comsat 0.4.0: OkHttp and HTTP Kit Client

By Fabio

Comsat 0.4.0: OkHttp and HTTP Kit Client; Dropwizard and Spring upgrades; improved JDBC, jOOQ and jDBI

The much awaited Comsat 0.4.0 brings new integrations with OkHttp V2.4 (docs) and a tiny (only 18 lines of code!) HTTP Kit bridge (docs) that will allow Clojure developers to make HTTP requests from the comfort of an idiomatic clj-http-compatible API 1.

The comsat-dropwizard module has been upgraded to Dropwizard 0.8.1 and Spring support has been upgraded to the latest stable Framework, Boot and Security versions. Last but not least, the JDBC module is now completely fiber-blocking and both the JDBI and jOOQ modules have been upgraded as well and significantly improved.

See the Release Notes for further details and the list of bugs fixed.

All the extra info you may need can be found, as usual, in the updated docs and don’t forget about the comsat-user forum!

Thank You!

We wish to send a warm thanks to our great community and our supporters: you have contributed to this release in so many ways.


  1. Credits go to Nir Rubinstein for the initial request, investigation and contribution.

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