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March 09, 2015

Screencast: Up & Running with Comsat (Dropwizard and Tomcat)

By Fabio

We are happy to announce our first screencast tutorial Up & Running with Comsat!

It shows how to start a Comsat project with Dropwizard and standalone Tomcat in minutes using the Comsat Gradle template and at the same time it explains how to quickly port existing applications to Comsat.

With Comsat you get the same performance and scalability of all the asynchronous frameworks out there but you can still use a simple, sequential and familiar coding style, thanks to Quasar’s fibers.


Note: because of this Comsat issue the published co.paralleluniverse:comsat-tomcat-loader:[email protected] artifact is not working properly. A fix will be released soon but in the meanwhile we suggest either cloning, building and installing Comsat locally or avoiding using the JDK8-optimized version.

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