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December 23, 2014

Comsat 0.3.0 Released with Spring Boot/MVC and Clojure Ring Support

By Ron

We are happy to announce the release of Comsat 0.3.0. Comsat is a set of modules integrating various Java (and now Clojure) web libraries with Quasar fibers, so you can get the same awesome performance and scalability offered by asynchronous web frameworks while keeping your code simple, familiar and using your trusty third-party libraries as you always have.

This release of Comsat brings with it new integrations: Spring Boot, Spring MVC and Ring. This means you can boost the performance of your existing Spring Boot/MVC or Ring application. More blog posts will follow soon with details. In the meantime, go read the docs.

Today we also released bug-fix versions (0.6.2) of Quasar and Pulsar, Quasar’s Clojure API.

Happy holidays!

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