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July 24, 2012

SpaceBase Can Now Be Used as a Spatial Redis

By Ron

A number of people, especially location-based services (LBS) developers, have asked us if SpaceBase can run as a standalone spatial data-store server. Well, now it can!

We have added a remote networking API that uses Apache Thrift to access SpaceBase from Ruby, Python and Node.js applications, as well as an Erlang API which uses JInterface to make SpaceBase appear to an Erlang application as a regular process.

While using SpaceBase through the network API (rather than embedding it in your Java or C++ application) prevents you from taking advantage of SpaceBase multithreading framework that can parallelize your code, it can still serve as a low-latency spatial data store for write-heavy spatial applications - something like a spatial Redis.

You can receive an evaluation copy of SpaceBase by e-mailing us at

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